A Look at the Oscar-Nominated Animated Shorts

A Look at the Oscar-Nominated Animated Shorts

Leigh MichaelWednesday,19 February 2014

The Snap:

The 86th Academy Awards will be making their debut on March 2nd, leaving us nearly two weeks to predict winners and run to theaters to see 12 Years A SlaveAmerican Hustle and The Wolf of Wall Street.

Often under-hyped and under-represented are the Animated Short Films. Last weekend, I went to a screening so that I could have a little background in the category that I usually use to take a bathroom/popcorn/beer break. And I’m so glad that I did.

The Download:

Feral – Daniel Sousa and Dan Golden (USA) – Trailer
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Eerie, beautiful, this 12-minute film follows the story of a boy who grew up in the wild. As he transitions into the civilized world, he reverts to the survival skills that he learned in the woods to cope amongst society. A heartbreakingly gorgeous story – not to mention amazing visuals.
My rating: A- (Gorgeous filming and plotline, but the story felt half-told)

Mr Hublot – Laurent Witz and Alexandre Espigares (France) – Trailer
A robot-man grappling with OCD comes across a homeless machine-pup. Chaos and love ensues. Adorable, heartwarming, and visually stunning.
My Rating: 
A+ (Amazing in every. single. way. A great film for audiences of all ages.)

Get a Horse! – Lauren MacMullan and Dorothy McKim (USA) – Trailer
This film follows the antics of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, where, surrounded by their old-school cast of characters, they face off against Peg-Leg Pete. The production alternates between traditional black and white cartoon and modern, color animation.
My rating: B (Maybe it’s because I don’t have a nostalgic soft spot in my heart for Disney, but this felt like a film I’ve seen a million times over)

Possessions – Shuhei Morita (Japan) – Trailer
According to Japanese legend, tools play mischief on their keepers when they turn 100 years old. This psychedelic film follows a man’s experience as his toolbox gets up to some trippy tricks.
My rating: B- (This felt weird for the sake of being weird. As one of the longer nominated films, it didn’t feel like it used its time to create a story – but rather a hodgepodge of acid-trip-esque visuals)

Room on the Broom – Max Lang and Jan Lachauer (UK) – Trailer
Gillian Anderson, Timothy Spall, and Simon Pegg all star in this lovely – and beautifully wrought – rendition of the children’s book by the same name, which follows the travels of a witch, her faithful feline companion, and other friends they meet on their journey.
My Rating: A+ (At 26 minutes, it is by far the longest nominated film, but it leave the viewer wishing there was more)

Many theaters around the country are offering special screenings of all of the nominated animated shorts; check your area to see if they are playing near you!

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