Sun Kil Moon’s ‘Benji’ is a Masterpiece That Took a Lifetime to Make

Sun Kil Moon’s ‘Benji’ is a Masterpiece That Took a Lifetime to Make

Joe GransingerThursday,13 February 2014

The Snap:

Sun Kil Moon has released his highly anticipated sixth studio album, Benji. Continuing with Mark Kozelek’s distinct vocals and uncommon lyrical approach, the new LP is packed with songs about life, death, family, friends, and everything in between.

You can purchase Benji from iTunes.

The Download:

It’s no secret that I’ve had a huge man-crush on Mark Kozelek for the last few years, and if he keeps making albums like Benji, well… I don’t see my affection fading away anytime soon.

What Sun Kil Moon has always done – and perfected on this album – is made sure that each and every song tells a story. Most of the tracks on Benji don’t flow like a typical song, and have more of an old-man-sitting-on-a-porch-telling-his-life-story feel to them. Sure, there’s always a softly-strummed acoustic guitar in the background, but it’s clear that the real focus is on the lyrics – and boy are they personal.

The album kicks off with “Carissa,” a dreary little track named after Kozelek’s cousin who died in a freak accident at a young age. If you’ve ever lost a loved one — and I’m sure we all have — it’s an extremely touching and relatable song that should not be missed.

The entire LP serves as a scrapbook that contains the largest, most impactful moments of Kozelek’s life. Whether they’re about his Dad teaching him life lessons on “I Love My Dad,” the deeply tragic “Micheline,” or the ten-minute childhood timelime “I Watched the Film the Song Remains the Same,” you’re going to relate to nearly every song on this album.

Benji is nothing more than an emotional outpouring of Mark Kozelek’s life, breaking down every wall between him and his fans. And if you listen — and I mean listen –– to the album, you’ll know more about Sun Kil Moon than you do about your best friends.

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