Hitler’s Big Day

Hitler’s Big Day

Adrienne BoettingerFriday,7 February 2014

The Snap:

Can we all finally agree that Hitler comparisons have jumped the shark? Actually, let’s first all agree that the phrase “jumping the shark” has in fact jumped the shark. Then let’s all recognize that modern day wackjobs have taken all of the meaning out of calling someone Hitler. Forget that it’s completely unimaginative hyperbole, forget that it trivializes the true heinousness of the original Führer, and forget Godwin’s law. When you get to the point where officials in two different countries refer to two other countries as Hitler on the same damn day, any of the emphasis that you’d hope to convey regarding a person’s (or multiple people’s) diabolical nature is nonexistent.

The Download:

First, a quick history lesson. Lots of Asian countries hate Japan. There’s some serious historical animosity that has yet to be resolved. Also, a lot of Asian countries hate China. Same deal with the historical animosity, plus China just scares the bejeezus out of a lot of them. Much like food made in China scares the bejeezus out of a lot of Amurican shoppers.

So maybe that mutual detestation helps explains why on 4 February, the President of the Philippines said the West’s failure to stand up to China’s territorial claims was like sitting by while Hitler steamrolled Czechoslovakia AND North Korean state news (yes they actually have one and they produce awesome stories like the discovery of a “unicorn lair” outside of Pyongyang) called Japanese President Shinzo Abe an “Asian Hitler.”

Here at The Snap Download, we’re all for not allowing the world to forget Hitler’s atrocities in the hope that we’ll one day live in a world where leaders and citizens of “the free world” will not sit idly by while mass genocide is being carried out. Clearly it’s not the world we live in now with Sudan and Syria being two of the more recent and blatant missed opportunities. But we digress…

Although we don’t think Hitler should be swept under the carpet, we also don’t think people should be crying Hitler willy-nilly. The most recent Hitler-calls weren’t even the most egregious. There are a growing number of lunatics who seem obsessed with comparing President Obama to Hitler. Because, you know, Obamacare has resulted in the deaths of millions of people. Oh, wait, that’s not true. Hmmm….well there must be a good reason why whiny bazillionaires compare attempts at tax reform by the Obama administration to Hitler’s takeover of Poland.

Sadly, despite the omnipresence of Hitler comparisons on the Interwebz, every time an asshat politician, pundit or nominally famous person describes someone else as Hitler-esque, the 24-hour noose cycle strokes their egos and gives them the publicity they crave. Since nature and journalism abhor a vacuum, let’s come up with something else ridiculous that people could use for comparisons. And maybe, let’s have some fun with it. What if we replaced the word “Hitler” with “gigantic asshat?” Or maybe “pheasant plucker?” Any other ideas?

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