Last Night, San Francisco

Last Night, San Francisco

Shane BarnhillWednesday,5 February 2014

The Snap:

San Francisco is, and will remain, my favorite city. I used to live there, many years ago. Whenever I go back to visit, I always go out for long walks to check out the changes to the city that I used to call home. I don’t plan out the routes for these walks in advance, however. They just happen. And below, you’ll find the story of last night’s walk.

The Download:

I walked by my old apartment. The building is still there, on 3rd Street and Folsom. It made me think about my old roommates. I don’t know them anymore. In fact, I can barely remember their faces. And I certainly don’t remember the insides of that apartment. I felt nothing.

Next, I walked by my old office building. That building is still there, too. However, I don’t remember what floor I used to work on, and I doubt that I could find my way up to the old office if I tried. Again, I felt nothing at all.

I also walked by a former hangout, and then I met some friends there. We laughed, shared food and drinks, and enjoyed the time. I felt joy.

Finally, I walked by a favorite restaurant. I went in, had a drink, and thought of a meal that I’d had there with my oldest son. We were on vacation, spending a special father/son weekend together. I felt love.

None of those buildings mean anything to me anymore. But the experiences related to them are telling.

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