Cloud Nothings Release New Single, “I’m Not Part of Me”

Cloud Nothings Release New Single, “I’m Not Part of Me”

Joe GransingerFriday,31 January 2014

The Snap:

Cloud Nothings have released “I’m Not Part of Me”, the first single from their upcoming album, Here and Nowhere Else. The new LP will be released on April 1st, and will try to match the success of the bands’ previous album — Attack on Memory — which was one of the best albums of 2012.

But is the new release going to be too similar to its predecessor?

The Download:

It’s taken me a few days to form a semi-solid opinion on the new single from Cloud Nothings. The song is exactly what I expected to hear from the band, but that’s also the problem — “I’m Not Part of Me” is eerily similar to almost any song from Attack On Memory.

Take away the slightly more tamed vocals, and everything else is identical (see “Stay Useless“). I’m glad that Cloud Nothings have found their distinct style and are running with it, but a little variation between the albums wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.

And while “I’m Not Part of Me” introduces absolutely nothing new from the band in terms of growth, it still manages to be a completely awesome song. But it leaves me with a lot of conflicted feelings.

The sound is way too familiar, but it’s really good. I don’t want to like it, but I love it. I’m upset that they didn’t take any risks, but I’m happy that they’re still producing the same great sound as before.


All I know is that I played the hell out of Attack on Memory, and there’s a good chance I’ll be doing the same with Here and Nowhere Else. And you know what? Even if the new album is essentially Attack on Memory 2, I’ll gladly take it with a smile on my face.

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