Goodbye, Pete Seeger

Goodbye, Pete Seeger

Leigh MichaelThursday,30 January 2014

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Legendary folk singer Pete Seeger passed away on January 27th at the age of 94. The prolific singer.songwriter is best known for crafting “We Shall Overcome,” the song that defined the Civil Rights movement in the 1960s.

The Snap Download will miss Pete Seeger — profoundly.

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There is so, so much that I could say about Pete Seegar.

He’s a guy who said, “I want to turn back the clock to when people lived in small villages and took care of one another.” He was a brilliant songwriter, but he had no illusions that his tracks would change the world.

He grew up amongst a family of pacifists — a stance that cost his father his job at University of California Berkeley in 1918 — who believed that war was never the answer.

Pete was a man who got married in 1943, and who remained faithful until his wife’s death in 2013. Toshi Aline Seeger has long been credited as the cornerstone of Seegar’s success. She was a “doer” — she pushed, and pushed, and pushed. He was a man who stuck with his goals. He was a music man… And it was a stance that never wavered throughout his career.

Below, I share five of Pete Seegar’s best songs. Enjoy, remember, and celebrate the life of this incredible musician:

“Deep West in the Big Muddy”
A not-so-subtle protest against the Vietnam War.

“Oh, If I Had A Golden Thread”
A gorgeous take from Eva Cassidy. Profoundly meaningful, unfailingly timeless, and unfailingly gorgeous.

“We Shall Overcome”

The cornerstone of the Civil Rights Movement. Profound and beautiful.

“Bring ‘Em Home”

Bruce Springsteen plays gorgeous homage to our favorite Americana artist. This anti-Vietnam track had an explosive effect three decades ago.

“My Rainbow Race”

A sweet and profound children’s lullaby.

We’ll miss you, Pete — and we thank you for inspiring so many of the artists that we value to deeply today.

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