Album Review: Doug Paisley, ‘Strong Feelings’

Album Review: Doug Paisley, ‘Strong Feelings’

Leigh MichaelWednesday,22 January 2014

The Snap:

Canadian artist Doug Paisley released Strong Feelings, his third album with No Quarter Records, on 21 January. Of the album’s title, he explains: “‘Strong Feelings’ was stuck in my head for about a year and it kept coming up in people’s speech from time to time. I’d like to think everyone has some personal association with those words, perhaps relating to earnestness or early romances.”

You can nab Strong Feelings on Amazon or iTunes.

The Download:

Paisley describes his latest album, Strong Feelings, as “just 10 new songs. It’s a lot less simple and unadorned than other recordings I’ve made, but it’s just as earnest and straightforward as what I’ve done before.” It’s an homage to folk-country of decades’ past, yet manages to slip into the modern music aesthetic effortlessly.

For being a relatively off-the-beaten-path musician, Paisley rounded up an impressive supporting cast to bolster the album. Garth Hudson (Perhaps you know him from a little band called The Band) makes an appearance, and the mysterious Mary Maragaret O’Hara also slips in. Add to that Emmett Kelley, lead guitarist of the Cairo Gang, and you’ve got a pretty great crew on board.

Song My Love Can Sing” at first feels simple, like an adult lullaby. But it’s strangely hypnotic, the lyrics, instrumentals, and Paisley’s ever-so-slightly ragged voice combining to create a cocktail of timeless appeal. “Radio Girl” is rousing and filled with ebbs and flows; “Our Love,” on the other hand, feels like a good old fashioned country tune. “Where the Light Takes You” almost feels very early Black Keys-esque, while “To and Fro” has the same vibe that you might expect from Steve Earle.

He’s a good act, and he’s one that deserves attention. Perhaps Doug Paisley hasn’t made it to mainstream radio stations yet.. But wouldn’t we almost prefer to keep it that way?

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