Because Drunk Bets Always Work Out Well

Because Drunk Bets Always Work Out Well

Matt HealeyMonday,20 January 2014

The Snap:

“That worked well” — I think that was the quote for the beginning of one of the episodes of Firefly. Even if it isn’t, it kind of sums up how I feel given the results of the Seattle/San Francisco NFC Championship game. I needed SF to win so that I would not lose a bet. The conditions of the bet? I now have to buy 2 tickets for the Super Bowl. It was an expensive bet.

The Download:

For my defense, I am going to go with the Rob Ford defense. I made the bet but I was drunk when I did. Because that always works out well. So on the plus side I will be going to the game. Now the terms of the bet were tickets only. And I did not specify the quality of the seats. So, if the game is boring we can watch the movies on the planes as they fly by.

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