Leigh MichaelFriday,10 January 2014

The Snap:

Wild Beasts just released “Wanderlust,” a trippy single that dabbles with a lo-fi sound and an electronic beat that brought the band out of their shell in 2011’s Smother (album link).

The band also announced the February 11th release date of Present Tense, their fourth studio album (). Getting antsy to have it in your hands? (I was after hearing this song) You can preorder Present Tense on iTunes.

The Download:

Lead Singer Hayden Thorpe trembles, “Don’t confuse me with some one who gives a fuck,” his trademark minimum volume creating maximum impact as he repeats the phrase over, and over, and over again.

Such is the story of “Wanderlust,” a tale revolving around a Thief, a Good Lady, a Quarterback, and a Girl. As we watch the cast of characters running across the screen, we’re told that “We’re decadent beyond our means,” each individual slipping into the stereotypes that society created for them.

It’s a strange – and strangely beautiful video – and with its languorously filmed movements, it almost feels like a musical component to the song.

Britain-based Wild Beasts have built a name for themselves by pushing the boundaries of indie rock (). They are unique – and originality has become increasingly more difficult to come by in the music world. “Wanderlust” proves that they’re kicking off yet another round of experimental, evocative, and ultimately triumphant music with the upcoming Present Tense.

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