Adrienne BoettingerThursday,9 January 2014

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Defenders of freedom and the American way have been forecasting the imminent destruction of New York City since well before Bill de Blasio’s 1 January 2014 mayoral inauguration. That’s because he’s a communist and that is indisputably evil. But do regular people really still hate communism with the passion of 1,000 burning suns? Maybe it’s because I’m a fairly pinko liberal but communists don’t seem to be the bogeymen they once were. I’m not saying they’re all kitten-loving, God-fearing wondrous beings but does anyone other than the spittle-flinging, righteous right pundits maintain the same level of animosity toward communism as they did in the not-so-golden days of McCarthyism?

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Reading some of the more dishearteningly racist and awful things the Interwebz were shouting on the passing of Nelson Mandela, what surprised me most was that the spellcheck-optional trolls ranted a great deal about Mandela being a communist. Sure, some communist governments were pretty terrible and did some truly inhumane things to their people. But guess what, you amnesiac assclowns? So has pretty much every other type of government.

The United States doesn’t have the best of records where it comes to communism. The fear-mongering horseshit spread during the McCarthy era was awful enough, but look at what the country did in the name of standing firmly against the lapping tide of communism. We supported a host of heinous homicidal maniacs just because they claimed to be anti-communist; these dictators then drove their countries to ruin and we helped with the gas money. White House officials broke sanctions to sell weapons to Iran to fund the Nicaraguan Contras in direct violation of Congressional rulings. The FBI even tried to stamp a hammer and sickle on one of America’s most beloved Christmas movies, It’s a Wonderful Life. That’s right, the FBI considered the Frank Capra masterpiece to be a work of communist propaganda.

Why does the idea of addressing income inequality terrify people? Do they honestly believe society is thriving when income inequality has reached the highest levels in the United States seen since the year before the Great Depression? In speeches by Mayor de Blasio, President Obama, Pope Francis and others, I’ve yet to hear anything suggesting seizing the property of the uber rich and giving it to the poor.

How can anyone possibly believe the ginormous gap between the poor and the wealthy (or even the poor and the middle class) won’t lead to disaster? But not to worry! According to the Washington Times and Forbes Magazine, the government doesn’t need to and shouldn’t attempt to address the issue of poverty. All people need to do is make “the most of their God-given talents” and they won’t be poor anymore. Who knew the solution was that simple? Private charities will step in to fill the void when the government fails its people and if that doesn’t work, The Daily Show has a fantastic idea capitalizing on the popularity of The Hunger Games.

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