Matt HealeySunday,5 January 2014

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It is always a bit dangerous to call any NFL player a crybaby. After all, they are all faster than me and stronger. So if they decided to take offense at this post not only would they catch me, but when they did it would be ugly. A kind of ugly that would make the Anderson Silva image (Do not google that image) look pleasant.

The Download:

But someone has to call out the wide receivers. Throughout this season there has been one constant. Every time a pass is incomplete and there is a defender within a yard of the WR, he immediately looks to the ref to complain for a flag. “He held me”, “That was pass interference”, “He should not be allowed to be within 5 yards of me”. It goes on and on. Granted this situation has been created through good intentions. The NFL has passed several new rules to protect defenseless receivers in the effort to prevent the type of severe brain injuries we have been seeing over the past few years. I agree with the rule changes. Something has to be done to protect the heads of the players. But just because there are new rules protecting the WR, doesn’t mean that every play is pass interference or holding.

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