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It is January 1st. At this time of year a large portion of the population has begun their 6 week effort to irritate me. Also there tends to be a lot of year in review stuff going on. Shane has done his “best of” Series, Adrienne covered This year in Jackassery: 2013 (Side note, you have to read any post that contains the following lines “Although I do have a soft spot for demented dictators with daring hairstyles“ and “If jackassery were an Olympic event, Rob Ford would take the gold. And sell it to buy more crack”), and even I did a year in review. So I feel we have the year in review stuff pretty well covered. So I want to focus on things I think will happen and things I want to happen in 2014

The Download:

Things I think will happen:

1. The Evangelical Christin Party of god expands their hold on the House but does not take the Senate. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) roll out was a disaster and the Democrats are facing a tough map in 2014. Combine that with the historical trend that the president’s party tends to lose seats in the 6th year of a presidency and you have a recipe for losses in the mid-terms. I don’t, however, think that control of the Senate will change.

2. Markets continue to rise, but not as much as in 2013. 2013 was a very good year for stocks. The S&P rose almost 30%. That is impressive. I suspect next year we will continue to see increases but not nearly as aggressive as in 2013. My guess is for a 5% increase on the S&P.

3. 2014 congress will get even less done than the 2013 congress. This year was the least effective Congress ever. I suspect that record will hold for even less time that Peyton Manning’s single season TD passing record. With the midterm elections and the posturing for secure districts, I suspect we will see even less get accomplished in 2014 than we did in 2013. Unless you count even more votes to repeal the ACA. We could see more votes to repeal the ACA than laws passed.

Things I want to happen:

1. Google lands the NFL Sunday Ticket Package. The NFL Agreement with DirecTV to carry out of market games ends in 2014. So it is up for renewal and there have been meetings between the NFL and Google. This would be awesome. The NFL should move from DirecTV to Google. The reach, ability to scale, and the innovation Google can bring to the NFL would be impressive. And it would bring me one step closer to being able to cut the cord with my blood-sucking telco.

2. The New York Giants don’t suck as bad as they did in 2013. Please, this next year just don’t suck. I know that they will not be good, but don’t suck. Is that really too much to ask for?

3. My Fantasy Team makes the playoffs. I am in 2 leagues. One I care about and one I don’t. The one I care about was the one that I performed the worst in this year. It is a complicated league with multi-year contracts, salary cap, etc. So I knew I would be bad this year and I was. But next year I can finally put the last 2 pieces into place to be good again.

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