Joseph NorthWednesday,18 December 2013

The Snap:

2013 has given us some fantastic music – Arctic Monkeys, Arcade Fire, Nine Inch Nails, and Lorde, to name a few – but it’s also been a big year for some major what-the-fuck-were-they-thinking duds. While we typically cover the highlights of music here, we also unearth a lot of, umm… not so great stuff in the process. This month revealed more than usual, so I figured I would share a couple of them for you to (probably not) enjoy!

The Download:

Demdike Stare is an electronic duo from Manchester, and to be honest, they sound like a train wreck. Literally, a train crashing into a spaceship. Their newest single sounds like something that anyone with a laptop could recreate – but for everyone’s sake, let’s hope no one does. I would imagine that this is how my grandma felt when she first heard Skrillex. But then again, who knows, maybe in three years all the cool kids will be walking around in novelty Demdike Stare shirts.

God I hope not.

Next, Resistor is the synthpop solo venture of a New Jersey hopeful, and he’s not extraordinarily talented. The vocals aren’t great, and the music consists of beginner-level synth notes with a weird 1950’s carnival, 8-bit twist. But both of those flaws can be overlooked. I mean, it’s not like Jack White has the best voice in the world, either, and he’s done pretty well for himself.

However, the complete package is extremely forced and synthetic, and it just doesn’t work with such a huge lack of passion and feeling. The sound of nearly every song on the album is identical, and the lyrics aren’t exactly award-winning, either. The first single, ‘Vincent Van Gogh’, is about how he dreams to become recognized and famous and has no other options left but to make music, which is apparently a pretty great way to make sure that those dreams don’t come true.

“I’m fast getting fed up with failing at fame
it’s been ten years and no one knows my name,
I’m sick of the boring undignified slog
Hoping to see my name on some dumb blog,
I’m tired of toiling in obscurity
that fate’s just not fit for a genius like me,
But maybe I’ll make it big after I’ve died
I can’t write it off ‘til I give it a try”

I’m not sure if this song is trying to be some kind of anthem for fame-seekers or under-achievers, but it falls well short on both fronts. But hey, at least he got his name on some dumb blog.

Essentially, if these two artists performed at a middle school talent show, it would be a seriously heated competition for last place.

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