Joe GransingerSaturday,7 December 2013

The Snap:

Arctic Monkeys have released ‘You’re So Dark’, the b-side to their upcoming 7” vinyl, ‘One for the Road’, due out December 9th. The group announced the vinyl and released the accompanying video a little over a month ago, and fans have been clamoring to hear the new b-side track ever since. And now that we’ve finally heard it, we should all just get on our knees and start bowing to the best band of 2013.

‘One for the Road’ can be pre-ordered on the Arctic Monkeys official store.

The Download:

Arctic Monkeys didn’t stay away for long after they released one of the best albums of the year, and now they’re following it up by unleashing the incredibly sexy b-side, ‘You’re So Dark’. It sounds similar to the other tracks from ‘AM’, featuring a killer bass line and lyrics that translate into an easily relatable story. This one just happens to be about an alluring, sun-avoiding, horror-loving, leather-and-spikes wearing goth chick. I still can’t seem to figure out how this song didn’t make the cut for the album.

It’s unfortunate that ‘You’re So Dark’ will most likely be one the last new songs from Arctic Monkeys for a while, as they’they’ve quickly become one of my favorite — and most played — bands over the past few years.

They teased us with singles for months, they released the album of the year, they made UK chart-topping history, and now they’re releasing a b-side vinyl that’s better than almost every other single I’ve heard in 2013.

There’s no doubt that 2013 is the year of Arctic Monkeys.

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WAWS, Arctic Monkeys, Youtube, Image Credit: Flickr


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