Joe GransingerWednesday,4 December 2013

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Morning Phase is set to be the first Beck album since 2008, and it’s already being considered the “spiritual successor” to his 2002 album, Sea Change. It’s not hard to draw comparisons to his older work after hearing just one track from the new album, as “Wave” is a staggeringly beautiful, simple, and slightly depressing song — something that Sea Change fans will enjoy. The album doesn’t appear to have very many high-energy tracks, and with titles like ‘Turn Away,” “Say Goodbye,” “Unforgiven,” and “Don’t Let it Go,” we may be in for one hell of a depressing album.

Morning Phase is due out in February 2014.

The Download:

Even though Sea Change got mixed reviews amongst his fans, it’s one of my favorite Beck albums of all time. After hearing “Wave,” I’m beyond ecstatic for another gloomy, slow, and more depressed record — if that’s what Morning Phase even turns out to be.

Late last year, Beck released “Song Reader — basically a bunch of sheet music and art — which was great and all, but with no official album it was a bit of a bummer for the not-so-musically-gifted fans. There are some fantastic covers of his “Song Reader” music out there, which is nice, but it’s nothing to get overly excited about.

However, Morning Phase *is* something to get excited about, and hopefully we’ll have another single by the years end.

Watch the live orchestral version of “Wave” below.

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Stereogum, Beck, Image Credit: Flickr

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