Matt HealeyTuesday,26 November 2013

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The Affordable Care Act (ACA) rollout is a failure. No one can argue with that. I have spent a lot of time defending the ACA and blasting the evangelical christian party of god for their tactics when it comes to the government shutdown. However, I am still not convinced that the ACA is the best solution. Personally, I think it has problems and I’ve discussed those problems here.

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I was reminded of this again while reading The New York Times’ article on the religious rights of corporations. Really, corporations have religious rights? According to the article this is an extension of the logic used for the Citizens United decision. According to the 10th circuit, corporations can choose to limit access to certain kinds of medical services, in this case contraception, because of the religious beliefs of the owners. That is insane.

While we wait for the court to decide this, I think it is time that we look at the ACA and health insurance again. As long as health insurance is tied with employment we will have these problems. The employer decides what kind of healthcare insurance we all will get and we have to accept it. Personally, I want a true free market. I want people to be able to select their own insurance regardless of what the employer wants. I like my current employer, but I don’t think that they are always acting in my best interest. In some cases they may, in some cases they may not. But I know that I will always act in my best interests. So divorce health insurance from employment. Eliminate the tax implications of having health insurance through your employer, and let the individuals decide, and all of these problems go away. Don’t want to pay for an insurance plan that covers contraception? Don’t. It is up to you.  Health insurance should not be tied to your employer.

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The New York Times, Image Credit: Flickr

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