Matt HealeySunday,24 November 2013

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Last week the Democrats voted to change the rules for presidential nominations for executive and judicial appointments. This has predictably invoked a parade of dire warning and vitriol from the evangelical christian party of god.

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I am not sure that the change in the rule was a good change. There clearly was a need for a change, but eliminating the filibuster for all executive and judicial nominations is a bit much. I would have changed the rules to require a talking filibuster for executive or judicial nomination. That way if someone really objected they would have to stand and talk for hours like Wendy Davis, Rand Paul, and Carnival Cruz did recently.

However, I clearly understand the need to change the rules. Throughout the entire W presidency, the Democrats filibustered 38 judicial and executive nominations. Through the first 5 years of the Obama presidency, the evangelical christian party of god filibustered 81 judicial and executive nominations. So it is clear that the evangelicals have taken the obstructionism to new heights. Further, the reasons for the filibuster have shifted. Richard Cordry was filibustered because the evangelicals don’t like the consumer financial protection board, the nominees for the DC circuit court are all being filibustered because the evangelicals don’t want any more judges appointed by a Democrat, regardless of their qualifications. So, while I am not sure the action was the right choice, I understand why the Democrats took it. So from my perspective, who killed the filibuster? Both parties did, the evangelicals abused the filibuster and backed the Democrats into a corner, and the Democrats reacted by killing the filibuster.

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