Matt HealeyThursday,21 November 2013

The Snap:

Over the summer I hiked a large segment of the Appalachian Trail. At one point I stopped in Ashville to see my sister and her kids. One of them gave me a picture of a rainbow that I could take with me to Maine so I would not forget her.

The Download:

Along the way I took picture of myself and others with the rainbow. The plan was to transform them into a photobook on Snapfish and give it to her for Christmas. So I spent several hours earlier this week building the photobook. I then printed out a draft so that a friend could proofread it because I suck at spelling and grammar. She did and I then tried to log back into the site to make the changes. That is when I discovered that the book was gone. It had not saved. Now if you have ever used Snapfish you know that every few minutes a pop-up appears asking you to save your work. It happened so much that it was actually kind of annoying. I hit save every time. So I contacted tech support. The second time I contacted them I was told this over chat:

Matt: So the problem was with your service?

Rep: Yes, Please accept my Sincere apologies

I saved that because I sent it over twitter. They also mentioned that they would reply within 2 days. That was on Monday. I am writing this on Wednesday after the following exchange with the customer service rep which I am posting here in its entirety.

Matt: Hi

Prasad: Hi Matt,

Prasad: Welcome to Snapfish Live Help. How may I help you today?

Matt: 2 days ago I reported a problem with a photo book I was trying to make

Matt: The problem was it did not save correctly

Matt: Customer services said they would get back to me within 48 hours

Matt: it has now been 48 hours and I have not heard anything

Matt: Why did you not respond?

Prasad: Sure I will help you

Prasad: I will check your account details. Kindly hold on for a moment.

Prasad: I’m sorry please let me know the exact problem with the book so that I can help you

Matt: I created it and despite saving repeatedly, it did not save

Matt: So when I logged back in, it was gone

Matt: I contacted customer support over chat and they said the issue was with snapfish and it had been elevated to an engineer and someone would get back to me within 48 hours

Matt: Are you still there?

Prasad: I’m sorry this might happen due to website is busy. Please check the projects and check the book. If the book is not saved then recreate the book again.

Matt: WAIT – It was not saved – your people said it was not saved and it was your fault

Matt: your people also said they would try to recover it and they would get back to me within 48 hours

Matt: and no one did

Prasad: I will forward this issue to our superior level staff. You will receive a email with in 24 hours.



Prasad: Matt, your reference number is 131121-001468.

Matt: ok – what does that mean??

Prasad: I have forward your issue with high priority email. You will receive the update via email.

Matt: So basically what you are saying is that two days ago we lied to you

Matt: and said we would respond even though we had no intention of replying

Prasad: Matt, now I have forwarded. Please wait for email.

Matt: you probably thought that I would not follow up and now that I did you plan on punting me off on another person

Prasad: I’m sorry for the trouble with this issue. I have forwarded with high priority. Please wait for the email.

Matt: So you suck and I should never use this service again?

Prasad: May I assist you with anything else today?

Matt: Is that what you are saying?

Matt: This will appear on my blog tomorrow

Prasad: I understand your frustration regarding the website. I’m sorry Matt for the inconvenience.

Prasad: Please give me a moment.

Matt: so far I have given you over 48 hours

Prasad: I’m sorry for the inconvenience, I have issued 8 x 11 custom cover photo book credit to your account. This credit will be automatically applied when you place the order for 8 x 11 custom cover photo book.

Matt: that actually doesn’t help

Matt: since building the book took 4 hours and I am unwilling to do that again

Prasad: Matt, please wait for the email, your issue will be resolved. I have forwarded to the technical staff. They will investigate and help you through email.

Prasad: May I assist you with anything else today?

Matt: no you have done enough damage for one day

Prasad: I’m sorry Matt, for the trouble with website. We sincerely apologize for this issue. You will receive a email in 24 hours.

Prasad: Thanks for chatting today. Goodbye and have a great day.

Matt: fuck you

Prasad: I understand that you are upset over the situation. Our engineers are working on this issue and fix it soon.

Matt: That is what you said 2 days ago and I have not heard back

Prasad: I’m sorry Matt, most of the Customers having the same problem. We are working on this issue to fix it so it has been delayed.

Prasad: May I assist you with anything else today?

Matt: No, I have enough material for my blog

So, in case you are interested in using an on-line photo service, I would go to ANYONE BUT SNAPFISH!

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