Leigh MichaelSaturday,16 November 2013

The Snap:

Inside Llewyn Davis, the latest Coen Brothers production, just released its official soundtrack, which you can snag on iTunes or Amazon. The film revolves around a young folk singer navigating life in NYC in the 1960s.

The movie debuts in theaters on December 6th; in the meantime, you can  take a peek at the trailer here.

The Download:

I find it difficult to describe how excited I am about this movie. The Coen Brothers are fantastically weird (or just fantastic), and they’re one… erm, two… of the only directors who has delivered consistently kick-ass movies. They started with Fargo, they kicked it into gear with O Brother, Where Art Thou?, they knocked it out of the ballpark with No Country for Old Men, and they brought the wild west back from the dead with True Grit. I’m barely scratching the surface here; the duo has a whopping 21 movies under their collective belt. Wow.

But part of what makes their productions so dynamite is the music selection. They are experts in the soundtrack department, pairing every offbeat movie with musical stylings that serve as the glue for the ensemble.

This one is no exception. Inside Llewyn Davis- Original Soundtrack Recording has gems from Bob Dylan, Justin Timberlake (who also acts in the film), actor/singer Oscar Isaac, Chris Thile and Marcus Mumford a la Mumford and Sons.

I have no doubt that every song will become even more brilliant when inserted into the tapestry of the film. But even as standalone pieces, they are beautiful, memorable, and repeatable. They’ve got an old-timey, gritty sound that stands in very stark contrast to the typical stuff you’re used to from JT, but everyone fits into their old-fashioned roles beautifully.

Listen to:

— Bob Dylan – “Farewell

— Justin Timberlake & Carey Mulligan – “Five Hundred Miles

— Justin Timberlake, Marcus Mumford, Chris Thile, Chris Eldridge – “The Auld Triangle

— Oscar Isaac & Marcus Mumford – “Fare Thee Well

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iTunes, NPR, Boston Globe, Image Credit: Flickr

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