Matt HealeyMonday,11 November 2013

The Snap:

In every situation we need to focus on who the real victim is and offer our help to them. It can be difficult to determine who the real victim is. Let’s take the Miami Dolphins’ Incognito/Martin situation. Who is the real victim?

The Download:

Ryan Tannehill is the real victim. It is tempting to say Martin and yes he is a victim. He should not have been subjected to the type of harassment he was subject to. Incognito is clearly not a victim. Well maybe he is a victim of an education system that has failed to teach him how to take responsibility for his actions. But that is a stretch.

But poor Ryan has now lost the left side of his offensive line. This is the side that protects his blind side. So he now has less effective protection that will likely result in greater hits/sacks/knockdowns. All of these things are painful. Getting hit by a 275 lbs. defensive lineman who is in a drug induced-rage cannot be fun. So as we watch the game tonight, lets pause to remember the real victim of Incognito’s actions.

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Grantland, Image Credit: Flickr

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