Matt HealeySaturday,9 November 2013

The Snap:

We are past the halfway point in the NFL season. It is at this point that we have a good perspective on the teams that are good and have a real shot the Super Bowl and which teams do not. So I think I should make a prediction. Personally, I think that Levinworth has a real shot at winning but I would not count out Rikers Island.

The Download:

Giants linebacker Dan Connor arrested at Philadelphia Airport.

Colts Safety Joe Lefeged arrested in D.C.

Patriots coach ‘shocked‘ by Aaron Hernandez’s arrest on murder charge.

Browns Rookie Auser Walcott arrested and charged with attempted murder.

Jets’ Mike Goodson arrested.

Daryl Washington arrested on two counts of assault.

I could go on. I could expand the list and include college football. I could mention the ongoing issues in Miami and the celebration of the “warrior” culture. All of these things are true. The fact is that football has never been a bastion of civilization. It has always had a barbaric quality to it and that is part of the attraction. The problem is that with a sport that is supposed to operate close to the line between acceptable and unacceptable, there needs to be tight monitoring. Tight control to make sure things stay on the right side of the line. The problem is that the monitoring authorities have been destroyed. The commissioners office is now viewed through a suspect lens as they have apparently known for years the problems associated with brain injury. So they have begun to lose the moral high ground. The front offices of the teams are willing to look the other way when there are locker room problems, as was demonstrated in Miami. Fan are willing to look the other way as long as the team is winning. So this is what we get.

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