Matt HealeyFriday,8 November 2013

The Snap:

I was reading a TMR’s “Love/Hate” column a few weeks ago and he mentioned something that I wanted to follow up on. As is usually the situation with him, he began with a long non-football related story that eventually connected to football. The story was essentially about “Impotence Rage.”

The Download:

No – “Impotence Rage” cannot be fixed by the pharmaceutical industry. You cannot take a blue pill or sit in a claw foot tub in some weird location and fix it. Impotence rage is the feeling that we all get when something has happened and we cannot do anything about it. It is the rage that wells up inside us when we get telemarketing calls at inopportune moments and yet we cannot yell at the person calling us because it is not their fault and they have a crappy job that is the only way they can make any money. Further, if you yell then you risk being told that you have an anger management problem and are an asshole because you are not yelling at the right person. Usually I yell anyway. I know that I am not yelling at the right person and I would love it if they would give me the name of the right person so I could yell at them but that never happens. It is the rage that we feel when we follow all of the rules and still get screwed.

I wanted to follow up on this because I think it will be increasing and the industry I participate in will be driving it forward. That is technology. As tech advances the amount of data that is collected and more and more layers of automation are put in place to deal with it, I suspect that opportunities for impotence rage will only increase.  Combine the increase in technology with an outdated education system that is not preparing people for the world that they will inherit and you have a recipe for a dramatic increase in impotence rage.

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