Joe GransingerMonday,4 November 2013

The Snap:

Brendan Benson, solo artist and co-founder of the Raconteurs, has been releasing a steady stream of singles since the beginning of the year, and now they’re all set to be compiled onto his upcoming album, You Were Right.

The official release date of the album is December 10th, but nearly half of the songs are currently available on Spotify and iTunes as singles.

The Download:

Brendan Benson is the obvious soul behind the Raconteurs – who are reportedly back in the studio!! – and that’s made very clear on You Were Right. Other than missing the creativity and panache of Jack White, most of Benson’s new music sounds pretty damn similar to his super-group side project.

Diamond” is the latest single to be released, and it’s the best track we’ve heard so far. Boasting a guitar-heavy sound and his signature drawn out vocals, it doesn’t stray far from his usual style – but it absolutely perfects it.

If the soon-to-be-released tracks are anywhere near as good as Diamond, this album could be an overwhelming success.

One of the singles released over the past 10 months was “Oh My Love,” which dropped the speed a bit and proved that not all of his new songs sound like Raconteurs b-sides. The track is a passionate acoustic ballad that really levels the album out, continuing the sadness and heartbreak that the previous song, “New Words of Wisdom,” started.

And then just three songs later, the album amps it back up with the loud, upbeat, pure-American sound of “Red White and Blues.” The variation of styles between the singles is impressive, and the album seems to mix them up quite nicely on the final tracklist.

You Were Right appears strong at first glance, as it certainly has the potential to be the best we’ve heard from Brendan Benson to date.

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