Leigh MichaelSaturday,2 November 2013

The Snap:

Indie rock band Midlake is set to release their fourth studio album, Antiphon, on 5 November. You can listen to most of the songs courtesy of NPR’s kickass First Listen series.

Like what you hear? Preorder the album on iTunes or from their official site.

The Download:

If you haven’t ever listened to Midlake… Well, you should. They’re a motley crew hailing from Denton, Texas, but they made their big break in Europe. How’s that for worldly?

The band began when a bunch of University of North Texas jazz students got together. It was their second album, The Trials of Van Occupanther (2006) that really snagged listeners’ ears. The record is really good – but it gets a whole lot better when you learn that it’s a concept composition revolving around the awesome computer game “Oregon Trail.” (Can we still buy that somewhere?). Suddenly, “Rocsoe” transforms into a life-or-death experience. Throughout the 3:28 minutes, you’ll be desperately wondering: Do we have enough provisions? Should we caulk the wagon or ford the river? Will one of my companions die from dysentary? What the hell is gonna happen to us?

I digress.

So I’m really excited about Antiphon. To be honest, I’ll always like them best computer game/massive moment in US history style, but this is pretty sweet, too.

Hop on over to First Listen and feast your ears on “The Old and the Young,” “Vale,” “Aurora Gone” and “This Weight.” They’re a great band – and in my humble opinion, they’re only getting better with age. I’m looking forward to Antiphon on 5 November. It’s the perfect kind of music for chilly autumn nights… and braving the modern frontier.

Oh, and because Halloween just passed, take a look at the band members’ fondest Hallows Eve memories.

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