Matt HealeyTuesday,29 October 2013

The Snap:

It is World Series time so I need a baseball analogy. An 0-1 count is 0-1 regardless of whether you swung at the pitch. This may seem obvious, but surprisingly it isn’t. At least I feel like it isn’t in today’s business environment.

The Download:

I say this because in many situations I see the need to never be wrong. You can’t make a decision because if you do you might be wrong. You can’t launch a new product without more data and more analysis because you might make the wrong choice. You can’t accept that project with a detailed study on the profitability because it might be the wrong choice. We all have to be right on every choice that we have made. I see this all the time in business.

The reason it is frustrating to me is that we are all wrong. Often. We make wrong choices all the time. I made the wrong choice on things ranging from drafting David Wilson on my fantasy football team with the 3rd pick, to deciding to become a Mets fan, to some key interactions with a previous employer. I took the wrong job out of business school and ended up getting laid off for 16 months. All of these things are errors. Things I did wrong but learned from. Bad choices lead to better choices in the future. Okay with the exception of the Mets thing. I know they will stink for decades to come and yet I refuse to abandon them.

So making choices, even bad ones, leads to better choices in the future. But even if the learning from bad decisions is taken out of the discussion, you still need to make decisions. You only get someplace if you are willing to take a risk. That means deciding yes or no on things. Go/no-go. If all you do is spend time waiting for all of the uncertainty to clear up, then you will never go forward.

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