Matt HealeySaturday,26 October 2013

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The conversation has shifted away from the evangelical christian party of god’s tactic of shutting down the government because a small minority of representatives from highly gerrymandered districts didn’t get their way on healthcare. We are now discussing the failures of the healthcare.gov site. This is very fertile ground for the evangelicals because the roll out sucked.

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The failures of the roll out have been spectacular. No one can argue with that. I actually am not sure if it is a fireable offence or not because I have not thought about it. It might be if we could actually determine who is responsible, which, given the politically charged environment, is more difficult that it may seem. Regardless, I would expect that the evangelicals would score some justifiable political points by attacking the failures. They have to worry about not overplaying their hand and falling back into the morass of becoming a party of obstructionists that shuts things down when they don’t get their way. After all, the polls that I saw showed that, in general, the public tends not to like shutting the government down because you didn’t get you way.

I suspect that the evangelicals will not be able to do this. I suspect that their love of shutting down operations because they don’t get their way is so deeply engrained in them that they will not be able to stop. Take for example the nomination of Janet Yellen for Fed chair. I do not know what the substantive objections to her would be. I know there will be some because no one can get nominated to such a high level position that requires 100 senators to confirm them and not have some substantive objections for someone. But I would suspect that after the most recent episode of “shut down the government because we didn’t get our way” turned out the way it did, we would not see a repeat of that tactic. I was, of course, wrong. On Friday, Rand Paul, another Tea Party favorite, announced that he intends to put a hold on the Yellen nomination unless his bill to audit the federal reserve is brought up for a vote. So let me see if I got this right – unless Rand Paul gets his way, the Federal Reserve will not have a chair. This position sounds very close the position taken on the Continuing Resolution (CR) – unless we get our way on the ACA, we are going to force a default.

Hey Republicans, if you want your positions brought to the floor, voted on, and passed into law, then here is a novel idea – WIN ELECTIONS. If you have control of the legislative bodies, then you can pass laws. But since you have become so insane and filled with hate towards Obama and the Democratic agenda, your candidates have lost the middle and thus you lose elections that are outside of the gerrymandered districts that you currently control. You lose statewide elections and national elections. Further, despite the fact that you won more House seats than the Democrats, you did it with 1.4 million fewer votes than the Democrats received.

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