Adrienne BoettingerFriday,25 October 2013

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Get ready for that time of year when we objectify girls and teach boys they can be superheroes. Oh wait, that’s pretty much the whole year. But on this special day we also give children crazy amounts of sugar and help cement in their brains the notion that boys can be fearless and men can be dapper, while girls can be sassy and women can be captivating. Happy Halloween, motherfuckers.

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I haven’t been a fan of Halloween since my carefree days of dressing like a hippy and trick-or-treating well past the age of acceptability with friends who also managed to find non-slutterific costumes. Don’t get me wrong, there were times I wanted to be a pretty, pretty princess and I still own a tiara. I don’t want to ruin the dreams of little girls who just want to wear a frilly dress and dream of their Prince Charming, but come on, people!  Why do we insist on that being girls’ only option? Why do we refuse to sell, buy or wear any costumes that don’t show women and girls how to be their very best, sexy or simpering selves?

While researching this issue, I thought  Fox “News” was actually presenting fair-and-balanced commentary on trying for more than trite stereotypes on Halloween. But of course, that wasn’t the case. The house that Murdoch built was descrying politically correct universities asking their students to reconsider dressing like racial, ethnic and/or gender slurs. Because it’s not really Halloween if we aren’t objectifying women and mocking as many ethnicities as possible. And women can be anything they want, as long as it’s the sexy version.

Some parents out there may be thinking, that’s fine for her to say, but my precious angel will throw a temper tantrum rivaling that of Senator Crapweasel if she isn’t a princess again this year. I can’t say as I blame her. That’s all we show girls they should want.

A friend from those trick-or-treating days of yore just sent me an article about a campaign idea from UN Women showing sexist perceptions pervade how women are thought of the world over by googling “women should” and “women shouldn’t.” Try it and you’ll find that women should be seen and not heard and shouldn’t work or vote. I did my own experiment and learned that men should always pray and shouldn’t get married. Results were especially disturbing when googling the should’s and shouldn’ts for girls: girls should act like girls and shouldn’t be educated.

When I’m Queen of Everything, more people will do for their children what photographer Jaime Moore did for her daughter.  For her 5th birthday she photographed Emma dressed as inspirational women like Coco Chanel and Susan B. Anthony. Moore admits to dressing her daughter like a princess at times but she also taught her that she could be President.  And that’s pretty damn awesome. If she came to my house, she would definitely merit a double helping of top shelf candy.

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