Joe GransingerTuesday,22 October 2013

The Snap:

Arcade Fire has been slowly trickling out new music and information about their upcoming album, but the majority of the tracks are still completely unknown. The band recently played live on SNL to promote Reflektor and give us the first glimpse of “Afterlife,” their teasing new single that gives fans just a small taste of what’s to come.

Reflektor will be out Tuesday, October 29th.

The Download:

The way that Arcade Fire is creating hype for Reflektor is brutally tantalizing for the band’s followers. We’ve come to expect an online stream of an album far before its release date, so having only two singles available this close to the LP’s release is a strange kind of torture.

While the band has been incredibly busy lately – like playing a secret show in NYC and appearing on SNL – the only thing we really want from them is more music. Unfortunately, it’s looking like we may have to wait until release – assuming they don’t surprise everyone and put out tracks in bulk within the next few days (keeping my fingers crossed!).

Afterlife is another fantastic song from Arcade Fire, which is becoming such a common thing to say that it’s almost pointless to review them. It treads the line between indie rock and dance music – as Arcade Fire often does – slowing the speed to focus on lyrics about death and “what happens next,” and then picking it back up with an energetic rhythm during the slightly repetitive chorus.

Reflektor is still the best single from what we’ve heard so far, but Afterlife is no slouch and could have easily stood on its own.

With only one week left until its release, there’s no reason to doubt that Arcade Fire’s fourth studio album will be any less amazing than their previous three, as it’s set to be one of the biggest albums of 2013.

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