Matt HealeyFriday,18 October 2013

The Snap:

The fight is over. At least round one, the round are we in right now, is over. The debt ceiling has been raised and the government has now been opened. We have managed to kick the can down the road until at least early next year when we get to go through this again.

The Download:

Yesterday, I talked about winners and losers. Today I want to talk about what was the most annoying part of the recent fight for me. Clearly, I found Carnival Cruz to be close to the top of the annoying list. He is not, however, at the top. That goes to the use of the term “The American People.” Unless you have been living under a rock, you hear almost every politician quote the will of the “American People.” They all said they were fighting for the “American People.” They were listening to the “American People.” They quoted stats to bolster their position and demonstrate that they had the “American People” on their side. Carnival came out with the following statement showing he has the interests of the “American People” on his side:

“We saw, first of all, millions upon millions of Americans rise up all over this country. Over two million people signing a national petition to defund Obamacare,” Cruz said.

OK, this shows exactly why I hate this term. Let’s start with the absurdity of the statement. There are currently over 300 million Americans. So the fact that 2 million, or as I like to call it, less than 1%, signed his petition does not mean that it represents the will of the “American People.” It represents s small group of self-selected people who agree with Carnival. He is clearly not listening to the “American People.” He is listening to a small section that agrees with him. The same goes for the Democrats. The fact is that no politician speaks for the “American People” because we are not a monolithic block. There is nothing that every American agrees on. So stop painting us with a broad brush.

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