Matt HealeyThursday,17 October 2013

The Snap:

The Debt limit has been raised and the government has now been re-opened. This is exactly the way I predicted it would happen back on September 30th.

The Download:

At this point we need to figure out who won and who lost. This is my opinion:

Big Winner:

Obama and the Democrats. They mapped out a strategy to hold firm and convince the Tea Party that they could not play with default. That had to be passed and they would not blink. They didn’t and so from a political perspective they won.

Big Loser:

Tea Party. They went from “We will only accept a full repeal of Obamacare” to “We will only accept a defunding of Obamacare” to “We need to address spending before we will raise the debt limit,” to “We demand that you talk to us before we raise the debt limit,” and finally ended up at “We will raise the debt limit as long as you will negotiate after we do.” That sounds like they got not much. I would have at least demanded a cookie as well.

Mild Loser:

John Boehner. He tried to appease his right flank and in the process managed to tarnish the GOP brand and upset the business wing of his party.

Mild Winner:

Ted Cruz. He managed to rocket to the top of the 2016 GOP hopeful list.

Mild Loser:

Ted Cruz. He managed to sink his presidential chances by pissing off all of the influential members of his own party. So while he will be a short term favorite to get the nomination, he will flame out well before Iowa. Just like Michelle Bachman did. Just like Hermain Cain did. Just like Donald Trump did. So he may win the Iowa straw poll, but he will not go far in the primary.

Mild Winner:

Chris Cristie and the other governors that want to run in 2016. They won by not having to fight. They did not have to take a side in this fight and could largely sit it out. In this case, not losing can be considered winning.


Me. I predicted that Boehner would hold off until the 16th or 17th and then he would pass a combined debt and CR and then lose his job. So far I was right and we now have to see if he loses his job.

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