Matt HealeyTuesday,15 October 2013

The Snap:

There was a recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll that showed faith in Congress was at all-time lows. This is consistent with other polls that have shown the effect of the recent government shutdown, and I have written about that in many posts over the past few weeks. But I want to explore something else in this post. So, after you have read this post, please click this link and fill out the poll.

The Download:

In this post I want to investigate another finding — that was that 80% of people think the country is on the wrong track. Generally when there is a number that big for the right track/wrong track question there is something big going on. Like an economic collapse or a war. But neither of these two things is going on right now. We are not in a recession. The last recession ended in [Month/Day] according to the [Check economic stats]. We are winding down our wars and did not get pulled into another one in Syria.

But we still think the country is on the wrong track. I have my own theory as to why, but want I wanted to do with this post was see if I could get my readers to spend less than 5 min answering a quick poll on why you think we are on the wrong track. I do not care who you blame for this, just why are we on the wrong track. So here is a link to the poll. Please only take the poll if you think the country is on the wrong track. If I get enough answers, I will do a quick analysis of the results and publish them here. Below is a list of all of the questions that are in the poll.

1)      When do you think we started down the wrong track (Please select the one that is closes to the date you think we started down the wrong track)?

2)      What are the reasons you think we are on the wrong track (Rank the top 3)

3)      What are the most pressing problems facing the US at this time (rank the top 3)?

4)      Please rate the following statements on a scale of 1 to 7 where 1 is strongly disagree, 4 is neither agree nor disagree and 7 is strongly agree

5)      Which of the following is the most important to you?

6)      Which time period do you think was/will be better for average Americans?

7)      What are you most concerned about right now (Rank the top 3)?

8)      How would you identify yourself politically?

9)      How would you identify yourself financially?

10)   Where do you live?

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