Leigh MichaelMonday,14 October 2013

The Snap:

“Wesley Allen Hartley is a Texas native, living in Portland, Maine.”

This statement encompasses the essence of Wesley Allen Hartley & The Traveling Trees, a country band with a definitively non-country twist. Sounds like an oxymoron? You’ll have to listen to get what I mean.

The burgeoning band is currently on tour throughout the USA. You can check out their destinations here.

The Download:

There is a lot of great music out there today. To be honest, I think that “success+fame” is a bit of a crapshoot — there are so many amazing artists that simply haven’t come to prominence because they haven’t rubbed shoulders with the right person or agency.

But I think that Wesley Allen Hartley & The Traveling Trees is one of the groups that truly deserves success. They utilize all of the requirements that dictate celebrity; actually, I think that they sort of exceed the “norm” of success.

I guess that we would define them as country. They’ve got a twang, a slow beat, and introspective vocals. But there’s something more… And it sort of grabs you.

Americana often gets a bad rap. It seems outdated, passé, and antiquated.  But i have a sneaking suspicion that this band will make you change your mind about conventional folk/country/americana. It doesn’t have the contemporary touch that a lot of artists possess today… But is that such a bad thing? If you’re still in doubt, listen to “Acreless,” a song that feels like it could have been sung by Woodie Guthrie or Willie Nelson. Other necessary tracks are “Jet Fighters,” “Parking Lot,” and “Slow Shards.”

Listen to these guys. Narrow Gauge Quad Trains, their first album, is pretty beautiful — and you can stream it here. This band hasn’t hit Pitchfork yet and it hasn’t been featured on NPR — but does that mean that they aren’t awesome?

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Hat Tips:

Wesley Hartley and the Traveling Trees, Bandcamp, Burst & Bloom Records, Image Credit: Flickr

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