Matt HealeyTuesday,8 October 2013

The Snap:

Happy Birthday to me. Sort of. It is not actually my birthday, but it is the birthday of my posting to The Snap Download. Exactly 1 year ago I published my introduction.

The Download:

At this point I want to look back on the year and see what I said I would do, what I did, what I liked doing and what I stopped doing.

What I said I would do and what I did:

I said I would try to post a few posts every week. I way over performed on that metric. I have been posting, on average, 4-7 posts per week. I actually have not tracked it, but there was a while in which I was posting 2 posts per day. I said I would use foul language in every post. Granted I started out that way but the language has been getting more tame. I suspect it is a function of two things. The first is that I am happier now than I was when this blog started. I was at a great company that was too big for me. Turns out I don’t really like big companies. I fit better in small companies, which is why I have gone from a company with over 70,000 employees to one with 75.

What I liked doing and what I stopped doing:

There were a few series that I really liked writing but discontinued. The first was the Why America Is/Isn’t Fucked. The reason I stopped this series is I moved back to the U.S. so I have fewer examples about why America isn’t fucked. Granted the government shutdown provides plenty of examples of why we are fucked. The other series that I liked was What Would Ari Do? I will likely resurrect that one soon, but it will not be as frequent. As I mentioned, I am in a better place, so I am less angry. I enjoyed writing the posts from the Appalachian Trail. That could be because I really liked the trail and the hike. Specifically I liked the people I met: Push up, 22, squirrel, bear bait, juno, catnap, nuke, gilgamesh, sly fox, moon flower, et al. They made the hike fun and writing about it was great.

But I also want to look into the future. More of a what can you expect going forward. I expect that I will no longer be writing about tech as I am now at a tech analyst firm. I will continue to write about politics, specifically the damage that the evangelical christian party of god is doing. I expect I will try to do 4-6 posts per week but as I mentioned in my introduction, I reserve the right to post more or less depending on how I feel. So, as Randle Monroe said, “I wonder where I’ll float next.”

XKCD - I wonder where I'll float next

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