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The Snap:

Cage the Elephant are set to release their third studio album, Melophobia, on October 8th. The first single to surface, “Come a Little Closer,” shows off the band’s new approach towards music – and also happens to be one of the better tracks from the upcoming LP.

You can pre-order Melophobia on iTunes, or stream the entire album below.

The Snap:

To avoid any unwanted influences during the writing of Melophobia, the members of Cage the Elephant had stopped listening to all forms of recorded music. However, the group has still evolved from their previous two albums, and are now much more reminiscent of The Shins, The Strokes, and Arctic Monkeys.

Listeners that welcome change will enjoy Melophobia, but for those who are expecting something similiar to their self-titled debut album or Thank You Happy Birthday, may be sorely disappointed. This album is a lot lighter, and lacks that signature ‘garage band’ style that made singles like No rest for the Wicked, Back Against the Wall, and Shake Me Down so easy to enjoy.

And while they may carry a slightly different sound, Melophobia has no shortage of great songs.

“Spiderhead” and “Come a Little Closer” open the album as the first two tracks, bringing massive amounts of energy with roaring fast-paced guitars and solid bass lines. These songs are also the introduction of the new, higher-pitched vocals of singer Matthew Schultz, something not often heard with the bands first two albums.

From the frantic chaos of “Teeth,” to the mellow, acoustical progression of “Cigarette Daydreams,” Cage the Elephant shows a lot of maturity and growth with their third album. And as long as you’re willing to let the band grow, and drop your preconceived notions of what Cage the Elephant is all about, you’re going to love Melophobia.

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Cage the Elephant, RollingStone, Image Credit: Flickr

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