Joe GransingerWednesday,2 October 2013

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Haim, the trio of sisters from Los Angeles, have released Days Are Gone, their new album featuring the hit singles Forever and The Wire. Heavily inspired by the energetic music of the late ‘80s, the trio has put together an album that is lively and upbeat, fusing elements of today’s indie-pop movement with the legendary sound of classic rock, pop, and R&B.

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Often compared to Fleetwood Mac, it’s clear that plenty of Haim’s influences have come from quite a few decades ago. Of course, if you ask the girls, they “insist that their influences are a bit more up-to-date”.

Music has always been a pivotal part of the trio’s lives. Whether it was playing in the family’s cover band or recording short EP’s in the living room that will “never be released”, they were always challenging themselves musically.

Thankfully, Haim did decide to release their single Forever early last year, showing off their glamorous 80’s vibe and gorgeous vocals. The fast-paced pop song was followed a year later by The Wire, their newest single that shifts the focus towards a more indie rock style.

The raw talent in the group is astounding, and it’s demonstrated throughout the entire album. In fact, they’ve already opened up for bands such as Mumford and Sons, Kesha, and Florence and the Machine — and if they keep it up, it won’t be long until they’re headlining their own tour.

You can’t really compare Haim to any other band – not because they’re better than everybody else, but because nobody is doing anything remotely similar to them. Their one-of-a-kind style and variety between each track sets them apart from nearly every other band.

Days Are Gone is good all the way through and is very well produced, but the standout tracks – Forever, Don’t Save Me, Falling, The Wiremake this one hell of a debut album.

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