Matt HealeyFriday,27 September 2013

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A while back Shane wrote a post about why it was crazy for Arizona to want to break away from the US. He made some good points on why it was a bad idea for Arizona. The basic point was that the state could not survive without the benefits of the federal government.

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Shane was right and I agree with him. It would be insane for the states that want to leave the union to do so. In general they receive more in federal benefits than the taxes they pay. Since that article was posted, there have been a series of actions by the evangelical christian party of god — specifically, the House of Representatives — refusing to fund the federal government unless they get their way on a whole host of issues. Surprisingly these are the same issues that made up the platform that Mitt Romney ran on. In case you don’t remember, he lost. Which I take to mean that the majority of Americans didn’t like these ideas. So what do these southern legislators do? Force the policies that have been rejected by the people on the people.

But at this point I want to ask another question. Is it time those of us who live in the northeast to listen and split the US? Can we break the country into two separate nations? The south and mountain west can become one country and the mid-Atlantic and west coast can become another. I think it is crazy for the south and mountain west to want this, but I am sick of sending money to states like Mississippi for healthcare while they are banning any action to improve their citizens’ health. I am sick of having a few loud-mouthed Congressional leaders threaten to destroy the economy through a default because they can’t win elections. It may be time that we give into the Tea Party and give them what they want – split the country.

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