Matt HealeyMonday,23 September 2013

The Snap:

There is no way this can be true. It was the only rational reaction to the story I read. It seemed so insane that I actually checked to make sure it was not from the Onion. It wasn’t. And it got worse.

The Download:

I am referring to the new law in Iowa that now allows the legally blind to carry a gun in public. Because that’s what you want, someone who actually can not see what they are aiming at shooting a weapon. There would be no chance that they would hit an innocent bystander. After all, there have been no cases of trained police officers — who could see — firing shots at a suspect in New York City and hitting 2 women in the background. So who would back such an insane law? Let me guess, the NRA supported the law and the evangelical christian party of god enacted it. So this must be the worst of it, right? I mean really, what could be worse than blind people with guns. Oh wait, how about new laws guaranteeing the rights of convicted felons to buy guns. Welcome to Louisiana. In this state, another NRA-sponsored law enacted by the evangelical christian party of god enables felons to buy guns. Because that is the definition of a “Responsible gun owners” — felons. After all, if you can’t trust a convinced rapist, who can you trust?

Can we finally stop thinking that the NRA is a reasonable organization? Can we finally put them in the same class of organizations as the Birthers, led by Orly Taitz, and the Truthers, who think that the September 11th attacks were an inside job? Can we now realize that the NRA leadership is in the same class of people who wear tin foil hats to protect them from the brain waves that the NSA is using to read our minds? These laws are the product of the crazies.

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Image Credit: Josh Lopez on Flickr

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