Joe GransingerSaturday,21 September 2013

The Snap:

San Fermin, the moniker of 23-year-old Brooklyn-born Ellis Ludwig-Leone, released his self-titled debut album earlier this week. Featuring a beautiful mix of post-rock, chamber-pop, and contemporary classical music, the final product creates a strong atmospheric quality that reaches very bassy lows and delicate highs – often in the same song.

San Fermin is available to purchase, or stream on Spotify.

The Download:

A lot of effort went into the production of San Fermin, and it sounds as though every track has been precisely pieced together. In fact, San Fermin’s website claims that it “is not an album of singles but rather a sweeping, full-bodied listen with multiple distinct peaks and ambitious thematic connections”.

Ludwig-Leone graduated from Yale in musical studies, and worked as a composer’s assistant after college, so it’s not surprising that the arrangement of the album is absolute perfection.

The first track released from San Fermin was Sonsick, a smoother and more pop-inspired track that is definitely focused on the build-up of many different emotions. Described as “a panic attack disguised as a birthday party”, it certainly sounds like orchestrated chaos – and I love it.

Most of the album is calmer than Sonsick, though, with soft male and female vocals that slowly drift over subtle classical instruments. That does not mean San Fermin is predictable, however.

Daedalus, a song that tackles most of the themes portrayed in the album – “youth, nostalgia, anxiety, unrequited love” – is done very well, and seems to completely captivate the trouble of conflicting inner-thoughts. The overlapping and back-and-forth styling between the vocalists create a stunningly beautiful piece of music.

For a debut album, San Fermin is damn near perfect. And while the website may state that the album doesn’t consist of singles, I wholeheartedly disagree. It certainly can be enjoyed as one piece of sweeping music, but the tracks are just as satisfying when taken individually.

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San Fermin, Ellis Ludwig-Leone, Image Credit: Flickr

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