Leigh MichaelThursday,19 September 2013

The Snap:

Indie-pop band Phantogram has, at long last, released some new material for fans. “Black Out Days” is a rousing, energy-packed single that is a testament to this Saratoga Springs-based duo.

Although Phantogram hasn’t released an album since 2011’s Nightlife, they have an as-of-yet-unnamed record due out sometime this year.In the meantime, take a look at their tour schedule and check out their “Making of” teaser below, which only serves to make us more eager for the band to get that new album released.

“Black Out Days” will do for now.

The Download: 

If you haven’t listened to Phantogram before, it’s a funny experience. They’re kind of hypnotic and rousing at the same time, pulling you into a meditative state that simultaneously makes you want to jump around. Sounds fun, right? Case in point: 2009’s spectacular single, “Mouth Full of Diamonds.”

The band describes their sound as “street beat, psych pop.” Despite the fact that their self-imposed label is a mouthful, it sort of makes sense. The girl-and-guy pair met in high school, and seem to master the art of “strange” with some serious panache.

If you’ve never listened to Phantogram before, take a crash course with “Don’t Move,” “When I’m Small,” (my favorite!) and “As Far As I Can See.”

The band also collaborated with Big Boi on the tour-de-force “Lines.”

It’s been a while since we’ve heard new stuff from Phantogram, so “Black Out Days” was a sight for sore eyes. They’ve evolved, sure – but they’ve still got the same character that grabbed my attention back in 2009. Keep up the good work, guys.

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