Matt HealeyTuesday,17 September 2013

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Fine. I stole the headline from Adrienne. The fact is that I think that it is the perfect description for this post. Yesterday there was another mass shooting. This time at the Navy Yard in DC.

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It has been almost a year since Newtown. Newtown. The event that was referred to by civilized, rational people as a game changer. We hoped that we could move forward with sane gun laws that would restrict these weapons. We hoped that our representatives would listen to the broad public support for universal background checks. This was the same event that NRA referred to as an opportunity to drive more gun sales. Further they went after legislators that dared to try to prevent other mass shootings. Nothing like a few dead kids to drive sales.

The thing is that as bad as that last statement was, it is not the worst part of the post Newtown argument. For me, that was “arm the teachers.” The “logic” was that if the schools were protected by armed guards, then a tragedy like that could not happen. After all Wayne LaPierre claims “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” So if we had armed guards — LIKE THE NAVY YARD DID — then there would not be mass shootings. Hey Wayne — how did the armed guards work out for in the most recent Navy Yard shooting? So next time you hear some moron from a gun group parrot false logic like this, it is your duty to call them out. This is the essence of Truthiness and the dispensers of it deserve our scorn and to be called out.

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