Shane BarnhillMonday,16 September 2013

The Snap:

In three weeks, The Snap Download will celebrate its first birthday. Our little blog has grown significantly over the past year, in terms of its design and the quality of its content. But one thing hasn’t changed: TSD has been a “daily” since day one; it’s a place that you can count on visiting 365 days a year to read fresh content across our verticals (politics, technology, music, etc.). That’s a commitment I made when I started this blog with Matt Healey back in October 2012, and it’s a promise that the other writers and I have honored. To borrow a phrase form the U.S. Postal Service: “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers writers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.”

The Download:

This commitment hasn’t always been an easy one to keep, however, especially from my perspective as the site’s Editor-in-Chief. All of our writers — myself included — have day jobs or similar commitments, and this can make it hard for everyone to rise for the bell on a consistent basis. I’m sure a few of our writers, from time to time, have rolled their eyes because of my prodding for new articles. Nothing quite like receiving a private message via Facebook at 11:30PM reading, “Hey, such-and-such band released a new song. That would make for a good article… tomorrow morning.”

Similarly, I have written my share of articles at 2AM after realizing that I had mis-scheduled incoming posts and had left a hole open in our release schedule. And while you might think those nights were miserable, they were in fact oddly fun. I love the product that our team is delivering, and our metrics show that our readers do too. So instead of moaning about the task of coming up with an idea and banging out a late night / early morning post, I would instead smile knowing that I was doing my part to deliver something of value to our ever-growing reader base.

Of course, the thing about streaks is that you’re not really supposed to talk about them while they’re going on. There’s a reason that teammates won’t talk to a pitcher during the late innings of a no-hit bid. Once you start thinking about the streak more so than the quality of your work, then your focus shifts away from the factors that are driving your success, to ones that won’t help you realize your goals.

So perhaps I’ve just jinxed our little streak here at TSD. But I doubt it. Like baseball, a blog like ours is a team sport, and I’m confident that my teammates will be there to dive for a shallow pop fly in order to keep our run toward 365 consecutive days (and beyond) going.

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