Matt HealeyMonday,16 September 2013

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I have recently started a new full time job. I am back in the world of market research for the IT industry. As a result, I will not be writing about tech in the future. So far I find the new company a much better fit than my last employer.

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There is nothing wrong with my last employer. While I will not mention the name because I never have, I still have nothing but a high degree of respect for them. It is a great company. I just didn’t fit there. I suspect the main reason was that I don’t really do very well in big companies. If you have been reading this blog, you know that I have a tendency to be vocal about my opinions. In many ways this has served me well. It does not in a big company.

The thing is that it also may not in a small company. It depends on the company and the culture. You have to fit in the culture and finding out if you do can be difficult. In many cases you do not know until you are actually at the company. However, if you are not an IROC (Idiot Right Out of College), then you stand a better chance. The first reason is you are better at understanding the culture during the interview process. The other, and I think more important reason, is that you can be a bit more honest in the interview process. The reason for this is that in many cases you have more choices. This is especially true if you have been successful in your industry. This allows you to be more honest in the interview process. You can expose more of yourself (Figuratively, unless you are Carlos Danger). This provides the employer and yourself the opportunity to really see if you are going to fit in the organization, thus increasing the chances that you will be successful in the role. After all, culture and fit are often the most important reasons that someone succeeds or fails in a company.

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