Matt HealeyThursday,12 September 2013

The Snap:

I currently play in 2 fantasy football leagues. One with Shane and friends of his and one that I created with a friend from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). The league with Shane is a standard 2 QB draft league while the CMU League is a complicated salary cap league. I care more about the CMU league even though I suspect that I will do worse in it because we have multi-year contracts, and I am setting myself up for next year. I intend on commenting on my performance throughout the season.

The Download:

I’ll keep this short because I suspect that there are only a few people who care about my fantasy football exploits. The theme from this week is recovering from a bad start. Last week I lost in both leagues. In my serious league, the CMU league, I managed to lose by scoring the fewest points of anyone playing. 65 points – that’s all we got 1, god damn hit? Ray Rice and Alfred Morris did nothing with Lamar Miller doing even less. In the other league I managed to lose because Houston went off on Monday night. I thought I had a good shot in that league. So going into tonight’s game, I am hoping to recover from the disaster that was this past week.

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