Joe GransingerThursday,12 September 2013

The Snap:

Arcade Fire have released a video for Reflektor, their first single to appear since The Suburbs — their Grammy Award-winning album  in 2011. As the title track of their forthcoming LP, Reflektor sets the bar very high with the first glimpse into the upcoming release.

The album is available for pre-order here, and you can purchase the single on iTunes.

The Download:

Reflektor has a lot going on and is a bit hard to digest all at once. For one, it’s nearly 8 minutes long, which is abnormally lengthy for a single — but it’s also an abnormally awesome song, so it’s fine by me.

Featuring weird and ‘out there’ writing in songs isn’t anything new to Arcade Fire, and they continue to create some uniquely-strange-and-wonderful lyrics here.

Front man Win Butler sings, “Alone in the darkness, darkness of white, we fell in love, alone on a stage in the reflective age,” referencing the ways that digital technology is changing the way we live, as much of the lyrics do. And his wife/bandmate Régine Chassagne has a chorus sung in French, meaning “Between the night, night and dawn. Between the kingdoms, of the living and of the dead,” which actually does (sort of) make sense in the theme of the track.

A good portion of the lyrics may also relate to the band-founding couple falling in love years ago when they first met — although that’s not confirmed with the band.

Oh, and did I mention David Bowie lays down some gnarly vocals of his own? It’s just a small section of the song, but it’s one of the best pieces and sounds fantastic.

The single itself is great. It sounds very “Bowie-ish” far before you hear David Bowie’s cameo, and the beautiful mutterings of Régine are just gorgeous to hear in French. The song has big changes that occur throughout its 7+ minute playtime, and never once does it feel rehashed or repetitive. In fact, I often thought the song was over, only to have the beats and rhythms restart with a different tune and keep rolling on.

With Reflektor due out on October 29th, I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of another Grammy for Arcade Fire just yet.

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