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The Snap:

It’s been 22 years since the Pixies last released an album, but we’ve survived the drought and finally have a new EP from the reunited group. The collection, named EP-1, includes four brand new songs and is available at the band’s website in an assortment of packages and formats.

The Download:

Up until a few months ago, the Pixies had only released one new track since their last album in 1991, and that was back in 2004 when they first reunited. They did give us the single Bagboy in June, but the song is more disappointing than anything. It’s very heavy-handed with the guitar and drums, and sounds like a twenty-year-old song that didn’t age well.

The new EP is a lot more modern and fluid, and — while missing former bassist Kim Deal — still sounds like the Pixies (with a few alterations, of course). It does lose some of the quirkiness associated with the band’s previous albums, but how quirky can you  be after spending 27 years with the same band?

The first single from EP-1, Indie Cindy, continues with the classic surf-rock style that fans adore, and has a gruesome music video to go along with it. The lyrics are pretty morbid, too, but it’s pure Pixies and makes for an excellent song.

Another Toeone of the best tracks from the new release, uses a faster-paced guitar under smooth vocals, nearly creating a pure radio-friendly song. The vocals are catchy and the music is interesting, changing tempo and pace mid-song more than a few times.

Indie Cindy and Another Toe make the EP worth the purchase, but the other two tracks – What Goes Boom and Andro Queen – are not bad, either.

The name EP-1 clearly indicates that more music is likely to follow from the Pixies (EP-2, perhaps?), and you should be very excited about that.

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