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The Snap:

British musician Anna Calvi‘s highly anticipated sophomore album One Breath is due out 7 October. In celebration of the upcoming record, she just released a music video for “Eliza,” which you can watch below. You can also snag “Sing to Me” and “Eliza,” off the upcoming album, from iTunes. In describing One Breath, Calvi says: “One Breath is the moment before you’ve got to open yourself up, and it’s about how terrifying that is. It’s scary and it’s thrilling. It’s also full of hope, because whatever has to happen hasn’t happened yet.” You can watch the album trailer here.

Anna Calvi’s first (and self-titled) album was released in 2011 with PJ Harvey musician Rob Ellis, and featured collaborations with Ryan Eno and Dave Okumo.

The Download:

I was first introduced to Anna Calvi thanks to PBS’s Masterpiece (have I just revealed myself to be an 80 year-old at heart?). Her song “Desire,” which continues to be one of my favorite tracks, was featured on a preview for Great Expectations, and I found myself distracted by the film footage thanks to the awesome track. Then I was hooked.

Anna Calvi has a voice that could be comparable to Florence + the Machine or Lady Lamb and the Beekeeper on steroids. Instead of relying on powerful instrumentals to make the song powerful, she uses her voice – which is truly a tour de force. There’s some sort of tenuous power that she brings to each song… eac

Calvi’s childhood is intrinsically linked to her musical career: In an interview with Domino Records, she recalls that the first three years of her life were spent in a hospital. She remembers, “The way I dealt with that was to create my own world. And that’s what my relationship with music is – a world of my own creation that I escape into.  I was always a dreamer. The early things stick with you.”

Anna Calvi is known for bringing sensuality to her performances, seducing the audience with her low voice and powerful lyrics. Trust me, this is a siren that’s tough to resist.

If you haven’t listened to Anna Calvi yet, make sure to treat your ears to these tracks:

Jezebel” – Gorgeous, modern take on Edith Piaf’s 1955 classic

Suzanne & I” – Gorgeous song, gorgeous music video

Blackout” – Promises to be on repeat for months to come

Desire” – My favorite song. So beautiful.

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