Joe GransingerSaturday,31 August 2013

The Snap:

Glasser’s highly anticipated album, Interiors, is set for release on October 8th. A video featuring the single Shape was also recently shared on her YouTube channel – her first new song since 2010’s Ring.

Her previous album and EP are available to stream on Spotify.

The Download:

Cameron Mesirow — or as we know her, Glasser — is a Los Angeles native that has been around alternative forms of music her entire life. Her father is a member of the Blue Man Group in Berlin, and her mother played with Human Sexual Response back in the day — not a lot more needs to be said about her musical upbringing. She’s not afraid to do her own thing, and her creativity and originality shine through each of her songs.

The way Mesirow’s voice croons and howls over the drums and electronics is an absolute thing of beauty. Shape isn’t the first example of her astounding work — though it may be her best — and her last album has quite the laundry list of great songs as well, such as Mirrorage, Apply, and Plane TempShe ranges from dance floor fillers to a softer, slower, more mesmeric sound — generally finding comfort somewhere in between.

Every track from Interiors can be previewed for about 12 seconds on Instagram by using #glasserinteriors to find them. Unfortunately, it’s done in a weird advertising-on-instagram sort-of-way, and you’ll need to scroll down quite a bit to find all of the songs.

And 12 seconds isn’t very long, so it’s hard to get a good indicator of … well, anything. What is decipherable does sound good, and more singles are bound to make their way onto Youtube before the album releases in October.

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