Joe GransingerTuesday,27 August 2013

The Snap:

Smallpools, the newly-formed indie group from New Jersey, have recently released their critically acclaimed four-song self-titled debut EP. The band’s first single, Dreaming, instantly pushed the band into the alternative limelight, granting them airtime on radio stations all across the country.

Smallpools is available to stream on Spotify, and purchase on iTunes.

The Download:

Formed less than a year ago, Smallpools have risen to popularity at an incredible pace. Having their breakout single hit #1 on Hype Machine was a good start, but reaching #23 on Billboard’s Alternative Songs chart propelled them straight into the national spotlight.

Fun and poppy vocals alongside upbeat rhythms and melodies are Smallpools’ musical bread and butter. It also means that they often get compared to — and mistaken for — Passion Pit, MGMT, and Phoenix — all of which are accepted as compliments to the group.

Dreaming features an overwhelmingly happy vibe that instantly gets stuck in your head, and doesn’t leave quickly. It also becomes very clear why someone would mistake them for a more popular band. Personally, I’m just surprised that the song hasn’t been scooped up and placed into a trendy commercial yet — and then played to death until we all hate it.

The band’s second single, Mason Jar, is just as likely to be stuck in your head all day, so consider yourself warned. Not to mention the 11,000+ views on Youtube without a single dislike — pretty impressive.

Closing out the album is Over and Over and No Story Timeboth of which are good enough to have stood alone as singles by themselves.

Even though the EP contains only four songs, it’s easily one of the best releases of the summer. I honestly can’t think of a better way to spend $3.99.

While no full-length follow up album has officially been announced – although it has been hinted at – keep an eye out for Smallpools, as their future is looking extremely bright.

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