Leigh MichaelMonday,26 August 2013

The Snap:

Saskatchewan-based band The Sheepdogs is beloved by fans for its mastery of classic-rock-with-a-twist. Their self-titled studio album (you can snag it here) was nominated for Rock Album of the Year for the Juno AwardsRolling Stone described listening to the album “like having good luck finding classic rock stations on a long road trip.”

The Sheepdogs was produced by Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney. At the rate they’re going, it wouldn’t be surprising if their popularity creeps up to the level of that of their producer’s band.

The Download:

Canada, I know that we owe you. You’ve given us Joni Mitchell and Neil Young, The Band and Arcade Fire. Your musicians are as understated as your country… Though you guys might not be brazen or bold, you’re comfortable in your talent. You know that you rock — you don’t need to flaunt it, because you don’t have to prove a thing. And I like that.

Add The Sheepdogs to the list. In both physical and musical aesthetics, this four-member band channels the Allman Brothers Band. The guys have long locks that are rivaled only by their equally prominent beards. They wear a lot of flannel and denim, and look like they would be more comfortable in the backwoods then they would on the center stage.

Don’t let their looks fool you. In 2011, The Sheepdogs were the first unsigned band ever to grace the cover of Rolling Stone. The magazine is often considered to be a barometer for a group’s musical success — and this moment is indicative of The Sheepdog’s immeasurable talent. Listen to a song or two and you’ll get what I mean. They’ve got a honeyed blues/rock thing going on that feels Black Keys-esque (see “Feeling Good“), but they also have this seasoned touch that feels like they belong in a scene of Almost Famous. Move over, Stillwater.

How Late How Long” is another pleasantly turbulent track that almost forces you to appreciate its classic rock roots. “I Don’t Know” might have a slightly (slightly) slower tempo, but its molasses-esque pace only serves to make it more delectable.

The band is already a beloved favorite in its native Canada, and their fame is slowly seeping south into the USA border. I say bring it on — we need more music like this in our lives.

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The SheepdogsRolling Stone, Youtube, Image Credit: Flickr

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