Matt HealeyTuesday,20 August 2013

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We are now half way through the NFL preseason. The third game is this weekend. While NFL teams are using this to cement their starters, the fantasy world is using this time to figure out their draft strategy.

The Download:

I play in one league right now. The league is a 10 team auction league where we sign players to multi-year contracts. We are entering our 8th year. The complexity of the league is one of the reasons I love it. We have Net Present Value calculations, salary cap hits from cut payers, auction rules, etc. It does take a lot of time but it is very competitive and very fun. While I really enjoy this league, I am looking for another league to play in. One that is less complicated. So I am trying to gauge the interest level in a Snap Download Fantasy Football league. I have had some of the writers express interest but I suspect that we will be unable to fill an 8 or 10 team league with writers only, so I want to open it up to readers.

The league would be free to play and would be hosted by ESPN. It would be a standard draft league using standard ESPN scoring. The league would be more of a for fun league rather than a highly competitive league. So, if you want to play let me know. Even if you have never played before. Connect with me on either Twitter or in the comments section.

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